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Lao sur la montagne…

The shade of time

Born at the foot of the lapiaz of Vercors, I ran in every corner of the world since more than a quarter of century. A camera in the hand. In a ceaseless quest of image and sounds. The real bulimia. I am a fanatic of the sight, the screen, centring the world and my fellow men permanently … In parallel in this work of captation of moving pictures aimed at well known formats, I always explored the ways of the abstraction. An abstraction built from real sources, from materials brought back in the bag, or sampled in an instant, on the spot, as a global collection of fragments of time.

My pallet they are all the colors of the world. A silk quibbles, an Inuit sunrise, the transparency of a sari, a Chilean bark, African night, an Australian desert, the light about the towers of Manhattan or Tokyo … The desert, the mountains, the oceans, the forests, upset me. Every dumping in landscapes which seem intact since the origin of the world - if one you know how to appreciate it in the just value - transforms you deep down in your heart. But also all the urban universe, its reflections, its vibration, its tempo. The landscapes of high mountains were source of inspiration. Always beautiful, never similar. What could be more short-lived than the light, because it is permanently transformed ? I am fascinated by the short-lived, the nomadism, the unfinished, the movement, the processing.

At first, there is thus this abstraction fed by this ceaseless collection of " samples " pictures in the global scale. Then it is necessary to play in time. Look at what each can see, by directing his look, to transcend the common in exceptional. Isolate supernatural parts, work again them in multilayers. Explore and combine various techniques: compositing, acrylic, pastel, digital paint. In a ceaseless round trip between material and pixels. The ambition is to offer a poetry of moment. A kind of haiku contemporary picture. A poetic flash.

To the antipodes of the posture of dark artist, my work on the abstraction is rather a joyful exploration. In splits, in a state of opening to the world and permanent curiosity. As an attempt to seize the short-lived beauty of the world. In the present, let us disregard barriers and waits of the better next day: our world builds itself today, in the everyday life of what we are collectively capable of building. The beauty saves the world.